Although serving the same purpose of weight loss, appetite suppressant for women is technically different from fat burning supplements. Appetite suppressants contain properties that tricks your stomach into thinking its full, like food with fibers that will expand in your stomach making you feel stuffed most of the time.

Fat burning supplements, on the other hand, lets you eat anything at anytime because the supplements will most likely burn it than make it stored fats.

While most ladies will want to enjoy the leisure of eating joyous food and opt to go for fat burning supplements, some will take appetite suppressant to prevent unwanted flabs just in case the fat burners do not suit their bodies. So what are some appetite suppressants for women?

Healthy Appetite Suppressant for Women

Unique HoodiaThe first and most popular trick in the bag, which is the mantra of those wanting to grow muscles, is to load up on protein, protein, protein! Egg whites and yogurt are rich in protein. Protein is slowly digested in the stomach which makes you hungry after so many hours unlike sugar that will make you hungry sooner.

Choose potatoes over rice or bread as carb-alternative. Honestly, what kind of diet were you thinking if you do not feed your body with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important as energy stimulants in the body. Next time, try cooking baked potato. Of course, oily potatoes like fries are still a no-no.

Scientific research has shown that work outs can also make the body less hungry. According to one study, the more intense your workout is (sudden exertion of energy with periodic rests in between), the longer you will feel that your body do not need food. The reason behind this is that exercising will make your body release certain kinds of hormones that think more of “Burn! Burn! Burn!” and will completely forget to “Eat! Eat! Eat!”.

Another trick that is usually thought of as misconception is eating fruits before a meal. Fruits should be eaten before any meal, not after it, according to one researcher. Because fruits contain fibrous properties, eating it before a meal will definitely make your stomach think that it can only eat a little more. This is because the fiber has already expanded inside the stomach, therefore making a little more room for the main course.

The last trick would be to try out medical formulations of appetite suppressants available in the market. Every year a new one comes out and most of it are really effective. Search for the best ones in the internet because there are a lot on online communities who would be more than willing to help you out in your weight loss journey. Just remember, do not overdo it! Eat healthy!

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