Unique Hoodia is a powerful appetite suppressant that consists of the South African cactus plant, Hoodia Gordonii. Unique Hoodia, unlike the other Hoodia products available, is entirely made of Hoodia Gordonii.

Unique Hoodia suppresses the appetite, thus reducing the amount of food people eat. The caloric reduction observed in people who buy Unique Hoodia is astounding. About 2,000 calories a day is the normal reduction observed.

Unlike other herbs, which are usually stimulants, Unique Hoodia is a complete appetite suppressant. It reduces the urge to eat, thus making people consume less food. When people eat less, the body turns to the stored fat reserves. It thus, eliminates the urge to snack between meals and overeat.

Unique Hoodia is comparatively more expensive than its counterparts are. This is because its components come directly from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. In fact, they are removed from the core of the plant, which is the most effective part of the plant.

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The core of the plant contains the active ingredient P57. This is what suppresses the appetite. P57 is ten thousand times stronger than glucose when it comes to suppressing appetite. As a result, Unique Hoodia works from the very first dosage, thus accelerating weight loss.

Unique Hoodia is a safe product, but one must take care that and eat sufficient calories. Besides reducing snacking between meals, it facilitates more meals of smaller portions.

It has various authorized certificates of purity and quality and a six-month money back guarantee. Even if you buy Unique Hoodia and find that it does not work for you, you can get your money back.

The Hoodia in Unique Hoodia is taken directly from the Kalahari region in South Africa. The farms producing Unique Hoodia are located here and it is purely organic. In addition, the product uses pure Hoodia Gordonii, not the extract of the plant. Because it uses the core of the plant, it has an added strength and potency, thus helping you to shed weight faster.

Ninety two percent of the customers re-order the product, and many buy Unique Hoodia for their family and friends as well. As a result, when you buy Unique Hoodia, there is a six box maximum order. This is because Unique Hoodia’s production takes place in only one location. As a result, there is no way the company can increase the rate of production. This is also another reason for its high cost.

The product comes in the form of pills. The pills are pure, with no fillers or additives. The product comes in a box with ninety pills of 460mg each of Hoodia. This is much more than the other products that offer a box of sixty pills with 400mg of Hoodia. Research shows that one needs to take only three to four pills of Unique Hoodia daily to lose weight quickly, but safely.

Finally, it is safe to buy Unique Hoodia as the company that manufactures the product; Lativio LLC is a well-established company with a good reputation with its customers.

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